Capabara AI Services Terms of Use

This document sets out the terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) between you (“Customer”, “user” or “you”) and Straits Interactive Pte Ltd (“Straits”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) that governs the Customer’s access to and use of our proprietary Capabara AI Assistant and Capabara Knowledge System (“Capabara AI Services” or “Services”). The Capabara AI Services are part of our Capabara Capability-as-a-Service platform.

By creating an account to use the Capabara AI Services, the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms. These Terms also apply as between Straits and a corporate subscriber.

Important: In circumstances where you sign up for the Capabara AI Services via a corporate subscriber (which is a third party company that signs up for and deploys the Platform to end users) (“corporate subscriber”), your use of the Services will also be governed by your subscription agreement with the corporate subscriber. Please refer to the corporate subscriber’s subscription agreement for more information.

Who We Are

Straits specialises in Data Protection, Data Governance and AI Governance solutions. Our vision and mission are to build a trusted data-driven world by providing sustainable governance solutions.

Service Description: 

Capabara AI Services brings to you advanced AI capabilities through access to multiple large language models (“LLMs”) via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), and provides you with the tools for creating bespoke chatbot solutions. Our Services enable the generation of text responses and images, and allow users to develop their own AI tools and tutors through the built-in Capabara Tools. The Services also allow users to upload their custom datasets (via the Capabara Knowledge System) for internal use or for external users to access the information using custom chatbots.

Registration and Access

The Capabara AI Services are currently available only to corporate subscribers, companies and to certain membership networks.

Minimum Age.  If you are accessing this service via a school, you must be at least 13 years old or the minimum age required in your country to consent to use the Services.  A parent or legal guardian’s permission is needed if you are under 18 (as specified in your country).

Registration. You must provide accurate and complete information to register for an account to use our Services. You may not share your account credentials or make your account available to anyone else and are responsible for all activities that occur under your account.

Business Accounts. If you create an account using an email address owned by an organisation (for example, your employer), that account may be added to the organisation’s business account with us (e.g other services such as our DPOinBOX platform), in which case we will provide notice to you so that you can help facilitate the transfer of your account (unless your organisation has already provided notice to you that it may monitor and control your account). Once your account is transferred, the organisation’s administrator will be able to control your account, including being able to restrict or remove your access to the account. When you use the chatbot services such as creating your own AI tools or tutors, you are also subjected to your organisation’s corporate and data protection policies.

Guest Accounts. If you create an account as part of a consulting or training engagement, the administrator of the organisation using the Capabara Services will be able to assign or remove your account’s access to the organisation’s Toolkit(s). After the engagement, your account may continue to be active subject to that organisation’s retention policies of guests users or if you request for your account to be deleted.

Third Party Services. Our services may include third party software, products, or services, (“Third Party Services”) and some parts of our Services, like LLM services, may include output from those services (“Third Party Output”). Third Party Services and Third Party Output are subject to their own terms, and we are not responsible for them.  You will have a choice of which model to choose when using the Capabara AI Assistant. It shall be your responsibility to review and accept the terms of each model you choose to use.

Use of Our Services

As a user of Capabara AI Services, you are subject to the following restrictions:

Violating these restrictions may lead to suspension or termination of your access to our Services (at our sole discretion), and legal action may be taken where necessary. We reserve the right to update these restrictions to respond to changing legal, technological, and business environments.

Our Use of Generative AI

Large Language Model (LLM)

Our Capabara AI Services utilises the latest LLMs to provide users the ability to choose different models that best suit the specific context and requirements of their chatbots. These models are rigorously selected and tested by our trained staff before deployment. Please note that the list of available LLMs available through the Capabara AI Services (e.g. OpenAI ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude, Google Gemini, Hugging Face Zephyr, Perplexity, etc) can change without prior notice. The list of features available to the Services are limited to those provided by their respective LLM providers and are not directly controlled by Straits (e.g. community rules and AI model restrictions). 

All prompts (inputs) and completions (outputs) by users are not available to other users in your workspace, unless you directly share the details with them using the application’s capabilities.

Data is not used to train or improve internally or externally hosted LLMs or third-party products.

If you use the Capabara AI Assistant to create your own AI Tools, or Tutors, they remain private to you until or unless you share with others in the Capabara AI Assistant directly or in the Marketplace where others may access the AI Tools, or Tutors created, depending on your configuration settings.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

The Capabara AI Services application of Retrieval Augmented Generation (“RAG”) technology enables the dynamic integration of custom data sources during the response generation process. This enables the delivery of services such as AI Knowledge Assistants (e.g AI DPO Assistant) or AI Tools created via the Capabara AI Assistant that extract information from the Capabara Knowledge System for internal or external users.

The data sources from our own AI Knowledge Assistants are carefully curated, which provides the language model with the ability to tailor its outputs to specific inquiries or requirements.  

Capabara AI Services will retain input and output data to monitor and improve its own data sources, continually correcting any omissions or errors found within its proprietary data sources.

User Responsibilities

Users may upload proprietary data and interact with it using the Capabara Knowledge System, under the condition that they have the necessary rights to such data. They may be subjected to AI laws such as the EU AI act or requirements of their own internal data governance frameworks.

Where the user subscribes to our services to create their own chatbot using Capabara Knowledge System, the user shall have the responsibility to select the appropriate documents to be used as the custom dataset from which the chatbot will query.

Internal Company Data Sources

Data provided by you to be used as part of your internal company data source and queried using the Capabara AI Services is not retained, unless it is used in conjunction with the Capabara AI Services’ dual index services. In this case, an anonymized version of the input and output data can only be used by the company to continually correct any omissions or errors found within its own proprietary data sources as part of their advisory services.

Log Storage and Retention Policies. Logs are kept in an automated and documented manner within the Capabara Knowledge System. These logs include all conversations and interactions processed by our services to allow users to manage accuracy of their training data supporting the various AI tools or tutors.

Externally Provided Company Data Sources

Any data supplied by the user that can be accessed by other users must meet appropriate standards of quality. Should any user report shortcomings, the user will be asked to revise their data source appropriately. If the quality is not deemed appropriate to be part of Capabara AI Services, it can be removed without warning, until sufficient rectification actions have taken place to reinstate it as part of the overall services.

Comprehensive Logging. Users should maintain comprehensive and traceable logs of inputs, outputs, and other relevant information generated by the AI system to ensure transparency and accountability.

Governing the Internal / External Sources of Data and Use of Chatbots

Data Governance. Users should Implement robust data governance practices to ensure data quality, fairness, and ethical sourcing. These practices include data minimization, bias detection and mitigation, and implementing accountability mechanisms.

Differentiation Between Indexes. Where applicable, it is crucial to differentiate between the internal indexes and external indexes in the governance practices, ensuring that data handling meets specified compliance and ethical standards.

Human Oversight. Users should develop and implement appropriate human oversight measures to mitigate risks and ensure responsible use of AI. This includes the human review of critical decisions, training and supervision of personnel involved, and clear escalation procedures. Human review is essential in improving the generative machine-learning models that power Capabara AI Services by enabling quality improvements through their review, rating, and rewrites.

Quality Management System 

Straits has established a quality management system to ensure the Capabara AI Services            system’s compliance with regulatory requirements and quality standards. This quality management system regularly assesses the Capabara AI Services system’s accuracy, performance, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Content Feedback and Improvement Process:

      By using our Capabara AI Services  products and participating in the feedback process, users agree to contribute positively to the evolution of accurate and unbiased AI-generated content. We reserve the right to moderate or disregard feedback that does not align with the constructive aims of this process.

      Content Generation

      Content may be generated via the Capabara AI Assistant or through a customised AI Tool or chatbot created by the capability Tools. When you use our Services you understand and agree:

          Sources of Generated Content

          We proudly harness the capabilities of various LLMs to deliver an expansive range of services and functionalities to our users. It’s important for us to disclose that the content produced by these LLMs is derived from their extensive training on datasets. These datasets include a myriad of sources such as books, websites, scientific articles, and other forms of information as declared by the owners of the respective LLMs. Straits has no involvement in the training of these various LLMs. 

          We commit to being transparent in how our services operate and where they source their information. The LLMs we utilise do not have the ability to access or incorporate any private or confidential information unless it has been publicly disclosed in the data they were trained on. This training approach allows the LLMs to generate content that is rich, informative, and reflective of a vast breadth of knowledge available in the public domain.

          Please note that while the LLMs generate content based on patterns and information in their training data, the creative and contextually relevant outputs they produce do not constitute original factual information, nor should they be relied upon as a primary source of truth. We strongly recommend that users verify any critical information provided by the LLMs through their own direct research and trusted sources.

          By using our Services, you acknowledge and agree that any content or information provided by these models is based on what is available in the public sphere and does not contain or reflect any private, sensitive, or personally identifiable information.

          Disclaimers Regarding the Output Accuracy

          The outputs generated by our Capabara AI services (“Outputs“) are based on complex and continuously evolving technology. While we strive to improve accuracy, reliability, and safety, we cannot guarantee that Outputs will always be accurate, current, or free from offensive content.

          You acknowledge that due to the probabilistic nature of machine learning, Outputs may not accurately reflect real people, places, facts, or current information.

          You agree not to rely solely on Outputs for making critical decisions. Our Services are not a substitute for professional advice. Before making such decisions, especially those with significant impact, independently verify the accuracy and relevance of the Outputs.

          You are advised to use discretion and exercise judgment in evaluating and using Outputs. Where necessary, incorporate human review. You are responsible for the quality of your prompts and for assessing the suitability of Outputs for your specific needs, especially if using Outputs for public dissemination.

          Reference to any third-party products, services, or entities in the Outputs does not imply endorsement or affiliation.

          Intellectual Property Rights 

          When using Straits’ Capabara AI Services, you, the user, retain full ownership of any original content you input into our services, as well as the unique output generated by the service, subject to these Terms. We value and respect your creative and intellectual contributions and aim to ensure your rights are protected.

          Straits maintains ownership over the proprietary technology, content, trademarks, and intellectual property embedded within or associated with our Services. This includes the platform’s underlying code, designs, prompts, interface elements, and any other materials that contribute to providing our service.

          We grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, and non-transferable license to use the Capabara AI Services and the output generated, strictly for personal or internal business purposes, adhering to the guidelines provided within these Terms.

          Your feedback is invaluable to us, and by providing feedback, suggestions, or ideas about our services, you grant Straits a perpetual, worldwide license to use, modify, and incorporate such feedback into our services, without any obligation to compensate you.

          We respect the intellectual property rights of others and commit to addressing any copyright infringement issues promptly and in accordance with applicable copyright laws. We provide mechanisms for reporting alleged infringements and take necessary actions to resolve such claims.

          By using Straits’ Capabara AI Services, you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of the service and third parties. Unauthorised use of content, attempts to reverse engineer, or infringe on the proprietary elements of the service will be addressed legally.

          Data Protection Notice

          Our Data Protection Notice, which details the collection, usage, and protection of User information, is a separate document and can be found at It constitutes an integral component of these Terms, being incorporated by reference into them.

          AI Assistant and Model Training

          Our AI assistant is powered by advanced AI models that have been meticulously trained to understand and respond to user inquiries. It is important to clarify that while the AI assistant interacts with users, it does not directly contribute to the training of AI models in real-time. The enhancement of our AI models is conducted separately and does not utilize live data from user interactions.

          Data Retention and Use

          For the purpose of maintaining the integrity and performance of our services, we temporarily store interaction data for a duration of 30 days. This data is exclusively used to monitor for misuse and ensure compliance with these Terms. We are committed to privacy and data protection; therefore, individual conversations are inaccessible to anyone outside the direct user-administrator relationship unless explicitly shared by the user. 

          Access to backend systems and the data therein is strictly limited to authorised administrative personnel.

          Our data use is designed to anonymize user data, ensuring that personal identifiers are removed to maintain user anonymity and privacy. We take this step to prevent any possibility of personal data being used to identify, contact, or locate individual users.

          No Behavioural Advertising

          We firmly stand against the use of our users’ data for behavioural advertising purposes. Information collected during the use of our AI assistant, including but not limited to interaction data, is not utilised for advertising or any form of behavioural profiling. Our primary goal is to enhance user experience and service quality without compromising user privacy and ethics.

          Privacy by Design

          In our development and operational processes, we’ve adopted a ‘Privacy by Design’ approach, ensuring that privacy and data protection principles are embedded at the core of our technology, business practices, and product design from the outset. This proactive stance means that we don’t just address privacy concerns as they arise; instead, we anticipate and prevent them before they happen. By integrating these principles into every layer of our infrastructure and every stage of our product lifecycle, we ensure that safeguarding user privacy is not an afterthought but a foundational element. This commitment reflects our dedication to not only meet but exceed global privacy standards, providing our users with the utmost confidence in how their information is handled and protected.

          Limitation of Liability

          In no event shall Straits Interactive, nor its directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers, or affiliates, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive loss, damage or expense, including without limitation, loss of profits, data, use, goodwill, or other intangible losses, resulting from (i) your access to or use of or inability to access or use the Services; (ii) any conduct or content of any third party on the Service; (iii) any content obtained from the Services; and (iv) unauthorised access, use or alteration of your transmissions or content, whether based on warranty, contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory, whether or not we have been informed of the possibility of such damage.


          You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Straits, its licensors, and their (Straits/licensors) respective employees, contractors, agents, officers, and directors from all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including legal fees) arising from or related to: a) your use and access of the Services, either by yourself or anyone using your account and password; b) your violation of these Terms; or c) any content that you post on the Services.

          Termination of Service

          You are free to discontinue using our Services at any time. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to our Services or delete your account without prior notice to you if it is determined that:

          Governing Law

          These Terms are governed by the laws of Singapore. You and Straits both hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.

          Changes to this Terms of Use

          We are dedicated to continuously developing and improving our Services. We may update the terms from time to time at our sole discretion and without prior notice to you. Changes may occur for several reasons, including:

          Last Updated on 24/04/2024