1 Mar 2024

Capabara brings Gen AI for business transformation | Manila Bulletin

Straits Interactive has launched a suite of tools to power organizations with generative AI called Capabara to support business objectives…

13 February 2024

Makati law firm impressed by new AI-powered software from SG | Newsbytes

While artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots cannot – and most likely will not – replace actual lawyers in the near future, it will make legal research easier, faster, and more efficient…

7 Feb 2024

Straits Interactive unveils Capabara, the next-gen AI capability suite for organizations | Gadgets Magazine

Straits Interactive proudly announced the launch of Capabara, a suite of software meticulously designed to empower…

5 Feb 2024

Software firm looks to help companies access generative AI securely | ANC

Michelle Ong talks to Kevin Shepherdson, founder and CEO of Straits Interactive, about their software suite Capabara…

20 Jan 2024

Interview with Karen Ow-Yong | DZRH

16 Nov 2023

Mitigating security and privacy risks: How AI assistant Capabara makes DPO’s role less painful | e27

Capabara provides suggestions to address operational queries and info on regulatory mandates…

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2 Apr 2024

Straits Interactive and Asia Pro Ventures Collaborate to Power Innovative Startup AI Incubator and Investor Platforms

Straits Interactive’s Capabara Generative AI platform driving unprecedented personalised support for startups and streamlining investor interactions…

2 Apr 2024

Capabara, Straits Interactive’s Generative AI Platform, Now Available for SMEs in Singapore

Platform supports multiple large language models and offers user-friendly AI Assistant builder to enhance business productivity through Generative AI…

15 November 2023

Straits Interactive Unveils Capabara Suite of Software: The Next-Gen AI Capability Suite for SMEs

Capability-as-a-Service platform empowers SMEs to harness Generative AI for business transformation…

20 October 2023

Straits Interactive with Foundry for AI by Rackspace Partners to Launch AI Data Protectio Officer on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Development of the region’s first AI Data Protection Officer Assistant with Rackspace Technology’s
multicloud solutions and integrating Microsoft Azure Open AI Service…

30 August 2023

Straits Interactive Cautions the Use of ChatGPT Clone Apps Due to Privacy Concerns and Potential Misuse

Discrepancies in Declared Data Safety Practices vs. Actual App Behavior…

24 August 2023

Data Protection Excellence Centre’s Research Reveals a Majority of AI Applications Fall Short of GDPR and AI Transparency Standards

Study Highlights Privacy Concerns in Popular Generative AI Desktop Apps…

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