Capabara AI Assistant

Develop New Capabilities and Create Value using Gen AI

Support your business objectives with multimodal generative AI utilities tailored for in-house applications. In addition to our library of ready-to-use AI capability tools, customise activity workflows to enhance productivity across all aspects of your operations.

Watch how Capabara AI Assistant can boost your productivity and streamline your workflows 

AI Capability Tools Library

Access a comprehensive library of productivity tools for every department, empowering your organisation to harness the potential of AI for digital transformation.

Custom-made AI Tools

Leverage Capabara AI Assistant to design bespoke AI tools tailored to your unique business needs, boosting internal efficiency and productivity.

Seamless Workflow Management

Streamline your organisational processes with the AI ActivityToolkit, enabling you to create custom workflows and effortlessly deploy AI tools across your entire organisation for enhanced learning and productivity.