AI Governance Takes off – Latest AI Guidelines and Rising Demand for Data Governance Roles in Singapore

By Alvin Toh, Co-founder of Straits Interactive

In a previous newsletter on the 5 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Data Protection in 2024, we forecasted that regulators will take the helm on AI software with more stringent laws and enforcements. This month, we have begun to see various governments make good on what has been in discussion and consultation since last year and earlier. 

EU Takes the Lead in Regulating AI

On March 13 2024, the European Union’s parliament approved the world’s first major set of regulatory ground rules to govern AI use. The regulation is expected to enter into force at the end of the legislature in May, after passing final checks and receiving endorsement from the European Council. This landmark legislation, expected to be implemented from 2025 onwards, focuses on safeguards for general-purpose AI, limitations on the use of biometric identification by law enforcement, bans on social scoring and AI exploitation of user vulnerabilities. It also enforces the rights of consumers to launch complaints and receive meaningful explanations. All this comes with the prohibition of certain applications that threaten citizen’s rights, obligations for due diligence on high-risk systems as well as requirements on transparency. 

Additionally, the World Economic Forum has launched the AI Governance Alliance to champion the responsible global design and release of transparent and inclusive AI systems. All this sets the EU on course to become the first global power to regulate AI and marks a significant step towards ensuring safe and ethical AI use.

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