About Straits Interactive

The company behind Capabara

Capabara is a trademark by Straits Interactive, a company that delivers sustainable data governance solutions that help organisations create trust in today`s data-driven world. As trusted advisors to SMEs, MNCs, and data protection authorities in the region, we provide comprehensive competency, consulting, and capability roadmaps in data protection and governance. We partner with top universities in the region and international certification bodies to offer advanced diplomas, degrees, and certification courses. Today, we offer our own line of software, digital content, and more than 40 courses covering data protection, data governance, and Generative AI.

Our Capabara capability-as-a-service platform, combined with our hands-on advisory services and training courses, helps organisations develop, manage, and govern their digitalization and innovation objectives. In 2023, ten years after its founding, Straits Interactive was honoured as one of the top ten “Outstanding and Promising Startups“ at the inaugural Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Startup Awards, an unprecedented national accolade celebrating exceptional startups in Singapore.