The Next-Gen AI Capability Suite for SMEs

A groundbreaking Generative AI platform that provides SMEs with a safe, secure, and sustainable way to enhance business productivity through the power of Generative AI. The platform supports multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) and features an intuitive AI Assistant builder, empowering SMEs to streamline operations and drive growth.

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Develop, Govern and Manage your Transformation Objectives

Build and Customise to Your Needs.

Empower your organisation by harnessing the power of AI to prioritise your corporate objectives. Capabara offers a wide range of customisable AI-powered applications that enable you to develop, govern and manage your digital transformation goals, while ensuring your risks are well managed.

Our Capabara Suite of Tools

Capabara AI Assistant

Develop new capabilities with Capabara’s library of ready-to-use and customisable AI capability tools. Personalise workflow activities powered by AI across all aspects of your operations, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency

Capabara Knowledge System

Govern your organisation’s data and ensure operational compliance with the industry’s first AI Data Protection Officer (DPO) assistant. Upload your own internal documents securely using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI platform and enjoy the benefits of self-help conversational AI

Capabara Capability Management

Manage your organisation’s capabilities to meet your transformation objectives, Transform AI recommendations into actionable task lists, enabling you to effectively manage performance, mitigate risks, and meet compliance requirements.

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Our Guarantee


Operate in a secure environment, assured that your chats and data remain confidential and will never be utilized to train external AI models.


Upload your documents and train your AI applications within Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, ensuring robust protection in a secure cloud environment.


Sustain your workflows with our easy-to-use, collaborative platform that is scalable to your organisation’s needs