Enabling your Organisation with Complete Gen AI Capability

A groundbreaking Generative AI capability-as-a-service platform that provides organisations with a safe, secure, and sustainable way to enhance business productivity and learning through the power of Generative AI.

Our early successes

Increase in productivity
Apps created by users
Launched Gen AI courses

Features and Benefits

Use multiple language models for your chats.

Choose 50 tools

from more than 10 toolkits covering areas from content writing and digital marketing to HR, and more, to enhance productivity and learning.

Create your own AI tools, tutors and roleplays.

Without any coding experience and enable new AI services that can be deployed your workforce, clients and students.

Our Gen AI Roadmap

5 Simple steps to enable your organisation with Gen AI Capability

Use without Worry

Start with our AI Assistant, guaranteed not to use your data for training larger models, ensuring privacy and integrity.

Start with our AI Assistant

Ensuring your data’s privacy and integrity without external model training, and choose from multiple tailored language models (LLMs) for various tasks like content creation, document summarisation, and translation.

Enhance productivity and learning

Access over 50 AI tools and tutors to cost-effectively boost productivity to boost your organisation’s productivity and learning.  Explore Generative AI’s diverse benefits at every level of your enterprise.

Create with Ease

Embrace the power to innovate, design, and execute with ease, transforming your creative journey into a captivating experience.

Create your own custom AI tools and tutors.

Design personalized chatbots to match your organization’s objectives and needs. Simple, adaptable, and modifiable by you

Design and conduct our own role plays

Design and conduct immersive role plays tailored for hands-on simulations, where learners can either interview or be interviewed by the chatbot, enhancing the learning experience

Generate your own creative images.

Easily craft and produce artistic visuals for use in your presentations or marketing materials.

Deploy Effortlessly

Implement Gen AI services seamlessly across your organisation and extend these capabilities to your clients.

Deploy Gen AI Services Effortlessly

Implement Gen AI services seamlessly across your organisation and extend these capabilities to your clients.

Configure your own AI toolkits

Compile your own list of AI tools and supporting resources, such as URLs and video links, to deploy and monetize your AI-enabled services through marketplace toolkits and subscriptions

Manage access to your Gen AI services

Easily onboard and manage members, clients, and guests, providing administrators and users streamlined access to AI tools and efficient subscription service management

Govern with Confidence

Build and manage your AI applications using custom datasets with AI governance considerations

  • Equipped with Privacy by Design
  • Compliant with AI governance framework
  • All within Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud environment.
Upload your data securely for training your chatbots

Easily upload thousands of documents to create custom datasets for your personalised AI Assistants, securely hosted on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI cloud services.

Finetune your Custom Datasets

Refine AI assistant responses with custom datasets, review and correct flagged content, and use adjustments to continually enhance model accuracy

Manage Effectively

Achieve your digital transformation goals with our robust data governance tools, turning AI insights into actionable strategies.

Handle proficiently

Our Capabara Suite of Tools

Capabara AI Assistant


Use Gen AI safely and secure with choice of multiple language models and Capabara’s library of ready-to-use apps.


Create your own custom AI tools and activity toolkits to enable your services with Gen AI.


Deploy your own suite of AI tools and tutors to enhance productivity and learning for both your staff and clients.

Capabara Knowledge 


Govern your organisation’s Gen AI apps that use custom datasets.

Complement your governance efforts with the industry’s first AI Data Protection Officer (DPO) assistant.

Upload your own internal documents securely using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI platform and enjoy the benefits of self-help conversational AI.

Capabara Capability Management


Manage your organisation’s capabilities to meet your transformation objectives.

Transform AI recommendations into actionable task lists.

Effectively manage performance, mitigate risks, and meet compliance requirements.

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Hear What Our Users Have to Say

Capabara was deployed throughout our generative AI courses to facilitate classroom learning and hands-on practice. See how participants hailing from various industries are embracing the potential of how they can empower their work effectively with generative AI.

Our Guarantee


Operate in a secure environment, assured that your chats and data remain confidential and will never be utilized to train external AI models.


Upload your documents and train your AI applications within Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, ensuring robust protection in a secure cloud environment.


Sustain your digital transformation efforts by empowering your staff to use and create their AI tools to enhance their productivity and learning. Remove any job displacement concerns

Change the way you work with Capabara